Larry & Sophia Glynn

From the very first visit of our interview with you to be our realtor, we felt a comfortable fit. Your very professional presentation, being so totally prepared with facts, comparisons of housing and appropriate paperwork to for us to sign if we were interested in proceeding with you was beyond impressive. We were off and running with you within days when you held the first open house. While we were very pleased to have sold within four days, things moved so quickly for us it was hard not be overwhelmed at the beginning of this adventure. We learned through the course of this process how very professional you are and how well you do your job. You continued to steer us through the incredible amount of paperwork and responsibilities as sellers to get the job done. For those times when one or the other of us would feel overwhelmed your calm professional approach simply brought everything back to normal.

After our home was sold and once we decided to purchase rather than rent, you stepped into the role of advising us a buyers. As with selling, you were very prepared with appropriate properties that you thought we would interested in viewing. Your patience extended beyond the norm when you suggested that we go back and look at a property that was one of the first ones on the list that we had looked at and found appealing. That was an incredibly insightful move as it turned out to be the perfect property for us. And, once again, within a matter of days things began to move very quickly. During this time of being a seller of our home and looking forward to purchasing the condo, you continued to lead us through all of the necessary paperwork to make all of this happen; culminating in a dual closing of all properties involved. It was refreshing to be able to work with all persons; buyers, sellers, agents, loan officers in such an amicable way. What could have turned into the ultimate stressful scenarios were professionally and pleasantly avoided.

You have been exceptional, Sandy. We truly understand why you would be the premier property sales agent in any subdivision. We continue to be very grateful that you were our realtor and our friend through this process of our new chapter in our life.

Dean & Barbara Calamaras (Dean is a former Mayor of Venice)

Sandy was extremely helpful in selling our home recently and helping us to purchase another. She worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition. She is a dedicated professional, helpful in every aspect of the process of buying and selling.

Tim & Judi Peters

As a retired Realtor, I know how important it is to quickly assess a buyer’s wants and needs. Since we were downsizing, Sandy was able to identify the perfect location and type of home we’d feel comfortable in. She was always available to patently answer any questions we had. Her affability and professionalism led us to our dream home and made our closing stress-free.

Rob and Annie Nelson

Once we decided we were going to start looking for a home we had to decide on a realtor and a company. Through recommendation we found Sandy. We contacted Sandy and got the ball rolling. Sandy put us in contact with a mortgage broker, and we established a “first home” budget. Once we established our price range we started shopping. This was great for us. Sandy was able to really see our vision of a first home. She went out of her way to really understand what we were looking for, and not just show us every house that fell into our price range. This was really great. Sandy really saw past the basics. We wanted 3+bedrooms, and 2+baths, a yard, a garage etc. Sandy was really able to get a feel for what suited us. We saw several homes before we found the ONE. Sandy being Sandy she had us shop for and decide upon a 2nd and 3rd back up house in case the contract on the ONE fell through. Well sure enough it did fall through. Once we worked past this issue Sandy was right there to get us into contract on house #2. Negotiations went well and this is the house we closed on and are living in right now. Great feeling to be owning instead of renting. All in All Sandy was great to work with. She found great houses in our price range, she never tried to “max out” our price range, she was quick with negotiations, and she made herself readily available even for the random night time questions. Overall our first time home buyers process went great with Sandy. Could not have been better. Sandy may be a very busy Realtor, but in dealing with her one would never know it and that was the best part about our buying experience.